fredag, februari 06, 2009

Ginger Baker och ett ganska långt svar

Ginger Baker är inte ett hushållsnamn. Men om man känner till honom vet man förmodligen a: han är en sjuhelvetes trummis, mest känd från jazzrockjamtrion Cream och b: han har ett sjuhelvetes ego och temperament. I senaste numret av The Word finns en väldigt underhållande intervju med mannen. Carola och hennes fd homosexuella vänner som blev "friska" genom bön framstår som en jordgubbstårta i jämförelse.

Why did you move to South Africa?
It´s a long story.
Well don´t feel you have to tell me if it´s a long story.
No, I´ll tell you. I married an American and... (this answer lasts exactly 15 minutes 20 seconds. Any attempt to reroute Ginger from this saga is greeted with, "you asked me why I ended up in South Africa and I am trying to fucking tell you, alright?" Here are a few key phrases - fill in the gaps...) Green card, drug busts in 1971, Canadian border, waiver (avslag), deported, stable girl was illegal alien, knock on door, handcuffs, stripsearched in jail, thugs, dogs, guns, "You get that fucking gun out, boy, and you´re dead!", subpoena, investigation, best immigration lawyer in Denver, deported, found guilty of knowingly employing an illegal alien, $2,000 fine, costly dental work, implant, wife, bad things, READ MY BOOK!, "lost all my Cream money in Nigeria in 1975", Ireland, tax thing, "can visit the UK but can´t live here as they will JUMP on me", Dominican Republic, Christian/Muslim bullshit, South Africa, operation on leg, nerve cut open, taking the muscle out and sticking it back again, "I´m TRYING to answer your question but you keep going off at fucking TANGENTS!", money transfers going astray, "huge fucking fraud/sex scandal in South Africa which I´m not allowed to discuss for leagal reasons", Cape Town, (Very long, awkward silence)

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