lördag, november 01, 2008

Tidning bifogar bröd

The Words hemsida kan man läsa tidningens smarta plan att komma undan hårdare ersättningsvillkor från kedjan Tesco under julen, villkor som drabbar små företag som inte säljer mat:

ImageYou may have read that Tesco intend to change their trading terms with smaller, non-food suppliers so that they'll pay their bills in 60 days rather than the usual thirty. This enables them to improve their cash flow over the Christmas period. At the expense of us and lots of other small companies.

Obviously, this wouldn't bother us at all if we weren't a smaller, non-food supplier. As a valued patron of this magazine this should bother you as well.

The only way we can get round this is by including some food with our magazine in the future. Therefore, beginning with the next issue we shall be slipping one slice of wholemeal bread in each copy that goes to Tesco. This should generally be found near a section break, probably around page 32.

If you would prefer not to have bread with your copy, then the best thing to do is subscribe.

Dagens låt är I Can´t Stand The Rain av Ann Peebles.


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